Platinum: Converting "Expensive" Into "Value"

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Platinum is expensive, but is it worth the investment?

Platinum: Converting "Expensive" Into "Value"

Platinum's true value is defined by the pure, rare and eternal qualities that are unique to the noblest of precious metals. And these values can be used to romance the meaning behind the purchase of this expensive item. After taking the time and care to choose the perfect diamond, how can the setting be less than the very best. No other metal complements a diamond quite like platinum so don't let the setting be an afterthought. The average wedding in the US today costs $23,000, most of which is spent on disposable items (flowers, cake etc). Wedding rings are something that will be worn everyday, forever. Given a cost per day of wear from something so pure, rare and eternal, platinum represents one of the best values out there. (Article by Huw Daniel, President Of Platinum Guild International USA.)



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