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What are fancy color diamonds?

Fancy Color Diamonds

When seeking that special diamond, keep one thing in mind - it is not all black and WHITE. Diamonds occur in every color of the rainbow and then some. This is a natural phenomenon caused by trace elements present when the diamond crystal was formed. Some of the most prized and rare colors are true red, purple, and green. Colors can range from the faintest of hues of baby pink to bold black - and intensity of color does effect the price of the jewel. Ask your jeweler about fancy color diamonds, if they do not have any naturally colored diamonds, they may have some that have been treated for color (the treated diamonds are far more affordable than their naturally colored counterparts). You will be amazed at the intriguing show of color that can be found in nature's hardest substance, diamond.

Does Light Reflection & Well Cut Diamond Determine Fire & Brilliance?

What Determines Fire & Brilliance Of A Diamond

The fire & brilliance in a diamond is determined by the way the light reflects inside the diamond depending on the cut. The most fire & brilliance comes from a well cut diamond. In a well cut diamond which is referred to as ideal, excellent, or very good, the light enters in at the top and forms sort of a "U" shape and then exits back out at the top. With a diamond that has a deep cut, the light enters from the top and forms sort of an "L" shape as it exits out the side. The light reflection of a shallow cut enters from the top and curves slightly back out at the bottom of the diamond. To get a more visual picture of how it looks please go to in the diamond education section.

What other uses are there for diamond?

Diamonds in Daily Life

Did you know diamonds are one of the most widely used abrasive materials? Because of diamond's extreme hardness, it is a wonderful material for polishing, cutting, and carving other materials. Everything from nail files, kitchen knife sharpening stones, and car polishes include diamond grit in one form or another!

What Do I Need To Know About Buying An Enhanced Diamond?

The Drawback Of Enhanced Diamonds

If you see a great deal on a diamond online, especially at an auction, check to see that it is natural and not color or clarity "enhanced" or treated. First of all, enhanced diamonds do not increase in value, and second, it's possible that they may break or chip! Why? The chemicals they put in the diamond can be harmful to it, especially if the diamond comes in contact with other chemicals. A way to make sure you are not getting an enhanced diamond is to check the diamond grading report for an asterisk next to the color or clarity. If there is an asterisk it will state at the bottom of the report if it has been enhanced. If you still decide to get an enhanced diamond any way, make sure the jeweler gives you instructions on how to care for it.

What is the best diamond quality jewelry to choose for my money?

Beware Of "Promotional Quality" Diamond Jewelry

If you are looking for a great deal without sacrificing the diamond quality, you may want to think twice about buying "promotional quality" diamond jewelry. Promotional quality diamonds are the bottom of the barrel when it comes to diamond quality. They are usually I3 which stands for "heavily included". A better choice for your money is SI2-I1. The inclusions are less visible to the eye and look more presentable.

How Do I Choose A Diamond On A Budget?

Buying A Diamond On A Budget

If you are looking to get a nice diamond for your loved one and you have a certain budget in mind, a good choice is SI1-SI2 in clarity, and H-I in color. SI1-SI2 stands for slight inclusions. Usually these inclusions can not be seen with the visible eye, but can be seen through a loupe. H-I color stands for near colorless. It's not quite white but it's also not yellow. To view a color and clarity diamond chart please go to under the diamond education section.

What is a quick cleaning?

Diamond Cleaning

Household ammonia can give your diamonds a quick and efficient cleaning. Place your diamond jewelry in a solution of 1 part ammonia to 5 parts water. Use a soft worn out toothbrush to give a little scrub, and rinse thoroughly.

*Please Note: Use this on gold or platinum jewelry that contains only diamonds.

What is fluorescence?

Diamond Selection - 4C's and an F

When purchasing a diamond, and considering the 4 C's, there is one often overlooked aspect of diamonds that really should be addressed, fluorescence. Fluorescence is the phenomenon that makes some diamonds emit a blue glow when exposed to fluorescent lighting. If fluorescence is strong, the diamond appears to have a bluish halo around it. It may look fantastic under store lighting, but when taken outside it somehow looks foggy. It is often something not addressed by jewelry stores, as it greatly detracts both from the appearance and the value of a diamond. If the diamond has a grading report, it will say whether the fluorescence is none, faint, medium, or strong. You don't want strong flourescence.

Why are my diamonds dull?

Keeping Diamonds Clean

The best way to keep your diamonds clean is to avoid the things that dirty them the most. Diamonds are attracted to oil, this is one of the reasons they can get dirty so quickly. Skin oils contribute to this greatly, and of course, cannot be avoided. However, even more to blame are moisturizers - especially when applied while wearing jewelry. Remove rings when applying lotion to hands, allow it to be absorbed for at least 10-15 minutes before putting jewelry back on. Also take jewelry off when bathing, as that same soap scum that accumulates on your shower, will accumulate on your jewelry as well!

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