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How do I make a Tin Cup necklace?

Easy Bead and Metal Jewelry

If you are interested in starting to make your own jewelry, all you need is some wire (copper or sterling silver are good), some beads and a pair of rosary pliers (have rounded tips and cutters built in). These can be bought at or any jewelry supplier. Start with your spool of wire, place a bead on it, curl the end of the wire into a loop with the pliers, curve the other end and cut. Bend the wire into ear wires and hooks for a necklace. Now you have what you need to make individual links that can be shaped and assembled in endless ways.

What will keep me from losing beads?

Strand Safety

Opaque stones should be strung on silk thread with knots between the beads so that if the strand breaks, they won't scatter. -- In Style Magazine, July 1999

What about stretchy bracelets?

Stretchy Bracelets

To make the totally instyle stretchy bracelets, go no further than your local bead shop! With the trend of power bracelets, a whole new generation of stretchable jewelry is taking the fashion jewelry industry by storm. Jewelry made on clear elastomer (looks like fishing line) but stretches, is showing up in just about every style imaginable. You can buy elastomer under names such as "stretch magic" or "gossamer floss" by the foot or spool at your local bead shop. Then just pick some beads you like, string them on and tie the ends in a double knot and secure with a drop of bead cement/adhesive. Make sure to pull the knot very tightly, and it will make a snug, permanent hold.

You can add as many beads as you like, as long as they are not too heavy so as to stretch out the cord. You can also use a single bead and with a drop of adhesive place the bead over your knot for a seamless ultra hot look!

How do I make a Tin Cup necklace?

Simple Tin Cup Necklace

To create a delicate and lovely tin cup style necklace all you need is a strand of silk knotting thread, a pair of fine point tweezers, beads or pearls, and a clasp.

The process is very simple. Take your thread, place a single knot in it, slip on a bead or pearl, then knot tight up against the bead or pearl. Space an inch or so down the thread and place another knot, slip on a bead or pearl, and knot tight up against the bead or pearl. Continue this the length of the necklace or bracelet. When done, tie your cord to your clasp, and if you would like extra security, place a dab of jewelry cement (glue) on the final knot.

There you have a lovely and stylish necklace!

What about the new fringe style necklaces?

New Fringe Style Necklaces

Fringe necklaces are everywhere! Why not try your hand at making your own? Simple and easy to do, you can find everything you need to make these yourself at your local crafts store. All you need to do is get something called memory wire (it looks like a slinky), some beads that suit the style you want to create, some bendable wire the same diameter as your memory wire, and round nose pliers. Using the bendable wire, loop the end to stop the first bead, thread the rest on and make multiples in varied lengths to create your fringe. Loop the other end so you can slip it onto the memory wire that you have cut to length for your neck. Then all you do is add beads, then a fringe piece, more beads, a fringe piece, and on and on until it looks the way you want. Secure the ends of the memory wire by bending it back upon itself or making a decorative swirl or loop. That's it! A hot new look that is fun to make and fun to wear.

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