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How do I get a piece of jewelry designed?

Custom designs

Don't know what to get your special person for a gift? What about a unique and personal piece of jewelry? There are many jewelry designers on the internet who would be happy to do custom work. You don't need an exact idea - just general likes and interests of the person it is for. I do this and when I receive a request I usually make 3-6 different drawings of ideas to choose from. Find a designer whose style you really like and you will most likely be happy with the designs they come up with.

Should I sell my jewelry at an online auction?

Auctioning Your Jewelry Online

Hoping to get top dollar for your fine jewelry by selling in an online auction? This is generally not a good way to get the most out of your jewels. Typically an item will sell at auction at about one quarter to one third of its appraised value. There are exceptions to the rule, such as highly collectible jewelry, or exceptional diamonds of large size. In any case, it is always best to have your item appraised or certified before selling. This way you know what you have, what it is worth, and depending on where you sell it, what kind of return you can expect.

What about selling jewelry online?

Online Selling

To sell articles of jewelry online, the first step is to know what you are selling. If you are sure of your product, you will be more effective in the description you will write regarding it. The most difficult part of online selling is assisting the buyer in really knowing what they are buying. In a regular jewelry store they can handle the piece, look at it from all angles, and really get a feeling for what it is. Online you have a few pictures and some text that must recreate this experience for the consumer. Know your product, describe it in great detail. Not only the technical information on it, but how it feels and what effects it has on one who is viewing it. Be very descriptive, and provide complete and accurate information. This will put you past the greatest hurdle with online selling and help you effectively market your piece of jewelry.

Is buying jewelry in online auctions a good idea?

Buying Jewelry at Online Auctions

Hoping to get a great deal on jewelry by purchasing through an online auction? This is a tricky subject. Depending on what you are looking to purchase it can be very straightforward, or a coin toss. Gold chains are usually a pretty stable item to purchase in an online auction. Be sure the item is hallmarked with the karat of the gold, and be sure to get the gram weight of the item. Most gold items purchased in auctions are bought based on gold weight and content. If you know these two things, and the dealer has a good reputation, you have a pretty good idea what you are getting for your money. In the case of finished jewelry, you are better off purchasing the item that you like personally, for a price you feel suits that item. Gemstones are all very different, and should come with some very detailed description, or a certificate if a very large or expensive item. If you play your cards right, and keep your eyes open, there are some really good deals to be had in online auctions.

How do I get a piece of jewelry designed?

Choosing an Online Jeweler

When purchasing jewelry online, get to know the company you wish to purchase from. Ask questions about your concerns, get suggestions on what items may be most fitted to your interest, ask them about their history, and why they not only got into the jewelry business, but why they have chosen to sell online. You may want to ask for references, and speak to past customers of theirs. Establish a relationship with the online jeweler, just as you would do in a typical retail location.

How Can I Be Reassured About Making A Jewelry Purchase Online?

Using The BBB For A Safe Jewelry Purchase

Making a large jewelry purchase online can be somewhat nerve wrecking. You first may want to check to see that the company is a BBB member. Whether they are or aren't, search their name at to see if they have had many unresolved past complaints. If their name doesn't appear you may want to research further. Checking their background should ease any doubt about your purchase.

Should I Use Escrow When Purchasing Expensive Jewelry ?

Purchasing Expensive Jewelry Using Escrow

Using escrow is a safe route to go when purchasing expensive jewelry online. an affiliate of Ebay, will hold your money until you receive the item. When you have examined your purchase you can then notify escrow to release the money to the seller. Most companies may ask that you, the buyer, pay the escrow fees. It may be worth while if it brings you peace of mind.

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