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How is a loupe used?

Inspecting Your Diamond With A Loupe

The jeweler's loupe is an essential tool for looking deep inside a diamond, or closely inspecting a piece of jewelry. To use a loupe correctly, hold it very close to your eye, and bring the piece of jewelry or gemstone very close to the loupe to focus in on it. Focal length is usually around one inch, so don't be afraid to bring the piece right up near the loupe and get a good look inside!

Is It A Good Idea To Buy Insurance For My Diamond Jewelry?

Insurance For Your Diamond Jewelry

Insuring your diamond jewelry is fairly simple. Have all of your fine jewelry articles appraised and photographed by a certified appraiser. It is a good idea to have available a certificate from GIA or other independent diamond laboratories. Take the certificates and appraisals to your insurance agent and have the pieces added to your policy.

Insurance for jewelry is usually 1-3% of the value or $50 minimum per year. For instance, a diamond ring valued at $5,000 would have a premium between $50-$150 per year depending on the state you live in.

It's a small price to pay to insure replacement of your fine jewelry in the event of a loss.

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