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How do I untangle a necklace?

Untangling Chains

The answer is to roll it gently in your fingers. Do not try to pull it, or do anything that may tighten the knot or tangle. Generally, gently rolling the chain between your thumb and middle finger will loosen up the tangle, and allow you to find a loop to pull (gently) that will untie the knot.

What should I know about gold selection?

Gold Selection

When purchasing a gold ring, be aware of the amount of gold that is present in the piece. Look "inside" the ring, by turning it so that you can look behind the setting of the stone. While some rings have a small amount of what is called hollowing, removal of some gold to keep the ring from being too top heavy, is acceptable. Beware of paper thin areas of gold. If the ring feels feather light, put it back! Gold is a soft metal, and a paper thin ring will not last you very long. A ring that is built to last will feel like it is built to last, with ample metal, and a nice thick shank.

How can I achieve a glamorous look?

Glamorous Look

To acheive an ultra-glamorous look with your jewelry, mix it up! Put together lots of complimentary colors of gems, richly textured metals, and varied sizes together. The richness of colors and textures gives an opulent, festive look!

What can I do about gunk under stones in rings?

Gunked up Rings

There is one thing you can do to help reduce that icky build up. Remove your rings before applying any kind of hand lotions or creams. The moisturizing oils in those products stick to your jewelry making it look dull, lifeless, and dirty! Remove all hand and wrist jewelry and then apply the lotion or cream, wait for it to completely soak in and then replace your jewelry. Your precious metals and gems will stay looking clean and bright much longer.

When should I remove my jewelry?


Remember that your jewelry is a precious item, treat it as such. Always remember to remove jewelry from hands when doing baking, gardening, or other activities that either dirty the hands, or are using the hands in a strenuous manner. Jewelry is delicate, and often times it is easy to forget that, as we wear it every day. In short, treat your jewelry as though it were a treasure, because it really IS.

How should I store my jewelry?

Proper Storage

Proper storage of jewelry is essential! Choose a box sized appropriately for the amount of jewelry you have - you do not want your jewelry crowded together. Rings should be held in ring holders, earrings secured to holders or separated into little compartments, and necklaces hung or laid carefully into drawers with separators.

How do I wear ethnic jewelry?

Ethnic Chic!

Ethnic items always spark an exotic feel, and jewelry is no exception! Go wild, ethnic jewelry is all the rage. If you don't happen to own any imported ethnic jewelry, you can still have this sizzling look! Generously drape strands of beads in rich colors all over your neck and wrists. The more the better, and you have an instantly hot look!

How can I find the right earrings?

Elegance is Simple!

Keep it easy, and go for the "in" choice out there - simple studs! Diamond studs are always a sharp choice for any attire - especially formal occasions. Sweep your hair up and show off those lovely lobes with an elegant touch!

How can I put posts through my ears?

Screwpost Woes

Try screwing them in! Twisting them through the hole will help ease them through more comfortably.

HOw safe is your catch?

How Safe is Your Catch?

Keep dropping your bracelet due to a not so catchy catch? If you find your bracelet sliding away, you might want to take a trip to your local jeweler and see if they can install a safety latch or chain. Depending on the type of bracelet, you can have either a safety latch or catch chain installed quite simply. These will either not allow the latch to release on its own (safety catch), or if it should come undone - keep it from falling off your wrist (safety chain). If your bracelet is special to you, the small investment in this mechanical insurance is well worth it!

How do I know if jewelry is well made?

Well Made Jewelry

Go with what you know! Look at the piece. Does it have a look of quality? Are the stones sparkly and clean? Are they set straight and level? What is the gram weight? Is a good amount of metal involved? Do the edges look smooth and polished, not sharp or scratchy? Finally, does it have an overall appearance of quality craftsmanship, quality materials, and a price that you feel is fair to you for this piece? If so, you have got yourself a winner! Buy and enjoy!

Should I wear a ring on every finger?

A Ring On Every Finger

Care should always be taken to avoid wearing rings on neighboring fingers. Gold is a relatively soft metal, as are silver and platinum - that, among other reasons, is why they are suitable for jewelry and stone settings. Wearing rings on fingers that touch each other allows the rings to abrade one another and scratch metal away from the shanks. Over time you will not only have a scratched up ring, but one with less metal in the band than it started out with. For the longevity of your precious rings, do not wear them where they can rub against other rings.

Will heavy earrings stretch my ears?

Prevent Heavy Earrings From Stretching Your Ears

To help avoid this, and still wear your favorite earrings, have thick posts installed. The thin posts or wires, combined with the weight of the earring stretches or tears the holes larger. This is both unsightly and painful. Thickening the posts by either having new thicker posts attached by your jeweler, or by slipping plastic post shields over them. Your ears will thank you for the change.

How should I remove my rings?

Removing Rings

Don't remove rings by pulling on any of their gemstones. Instead, grasp the metal ring portion. This will help prevent the stones from coming loose and getting dirty.

**note - this is very important with diamonds, as they are quite valuable, and also have a stong affinity for oils.

How do I know if my stones are secure?

Check for Loose Stones

Occasionally check your jewelry for loose stones. Shake it or tap it lightly with your forefinger while holding it next to your ear. If you hear the stones rattle or click, have a jeweler tighten the prongs.

Should I wear my necklace when sleeping?

Necklaces and Sleep

Necklaces and sleeping do not mix. The thought of keeping a cherished momento near your heart at night is sweet, but may not be the best idea for your jewelry or you. Not only does the tossing and turning of sleep produce excess wear on the gold, silver, or platinum, but the metal "rope" around your neck also poses a choking hazard. Be good to yourself and your jewelry, leave it on the nightstand before you go to bed.

How can I get my earrings to not flop?

Stop that Flopping!

To help keep your earrings from flopping forward, the answer is simple, large diameter earring backs. You can either purchase large earring backs, or clear plastic discs that slip on before the earring back. These support the back of the earlobe and keep your earrings facing forward.

Is there a pearl solitaire?

Pearl Solitaire

Floater necklaces on invisible cord started the trend, and the solitaire pearl is taking center stage. One exquisite pearl, suspended by seemingly invisible line floats in the hollow of your neck. Absolutely feminine, and ulitimately classy, the pearl solitaire necklace is a must have!

How should I store my bracelets?

Bracelet Storage

When traveling, use a jewelry roll to store your bracelets. Tennis bracelets, chain, or link style should be laid out in a line, and rolled up in the jewelry roll like a burrito. If you do not have a jewelry roll, you can lay out your bracelets on a thick piece of fabric or hand towel, and roll up. This is also a good way to store your braclets at home when you are not wearing them.

How is a stone set?

Setting A Stone

Sometimes it is difficult to see where the stone's pavilion is hitting the inside of the crown. To help in determining where the stone touches the crown, dust the inside of the crown with talcum powder. Then, carefully place the stone in the crown and press down gently. Carefully lift the stone from the crown and
examine the pavilion. Powder will remain on the stone at the points of contact with the crown, allowing you to know where extra metal needs to be removed before setting the stone.

What can sensitive ears wear?

Sensitive Ears?

For sensitive ears, even gold can often be quite painful and irritating. Alternatives that are easier to wear are platinum, and for extremely sensitive ears, titanium.

How vulnerable are cuff bracelets with stones?

Cuff Bracelets with Stones

When wearing cuff bracelets that contain stones, be very careful to avoid squeezing or opening the gap in the bracelet too much or too often. In this type of bracelet, the settings are very vulnerable, and too much bending can cause the loss of a stone. With cuff bracelets, take it easy and treat them with great care.

Can I buy a big gold chain on a budget?

More Bang for Your Buck

Want a flashy gold chain, but for a budget price? One option is to purchase a hollow chain. Hollowformed chains give a very large look, without being heavy or expensive. An additional money saver would be to purchase 10k gold over 14k, as the 10k is much less expensive than the 14k counterpart.

What do I do if my bracelet keeps coming undone?

Bracelet Falling Off

The most effective safety I have found in my experience is the figure eight latch. It can be easily installed on most bracelets, is relatively inexpensive to add, is not visually obtrusive, and seems to hold the best. Other options are safety chains, or latches that go under the tongue of the bracelet.

How do I keep from losing earrings?

Losing Earrings

Do you keep losing earrings? The problem is most likely from the type of back your earrings have. Two options are to have screwposts and screwbacks installed, these are threaded posts that the backs actually screw on and off of. These take some work to get the backs onto, so they clearly take some work to come off. There is also a product called a "La Poussette" which goes on a standard earring post. The La Poussette is a flat saucer shaped back, that you have to squeeze tiny buttons on to put on or release. They are very secure, comfortable to wear, and support the back of the ear - allowing your earring to hang more upright in your ear.

What if my stone falls out?

Stone Fallen Out

When a stone falls out of a piece of jewelry, you need to go to a jeweler. If you have the stone, they can repair the problem, and reset the stone. If you do not have the stone that has fallen out, they can find a replacement stone for you. In either case, you can find out why the stone fell out, and how to avoid losing them in the future.

How do I choose a bracelet?

Choosing Bracelet Length

When choosing a bracelet, always try it on before you buy. A good rule of thumb is to be able to have a two finger gap between your wrist and the bracelet. Less than this will result in a bracelet that is too short, and will be damaged by stretching over time. More than this will result in a bracelet that gets caught on many objects and is eventually damaged by stretching or breakage.

Should earrings be worn to bed?

Earrings and Sleep

The majority of damage to earrings occur when sleeping. During sleep, you toss, you turn, and you put loads of unnecessary stress on your earrings. Prongs wear or catch on threads and pull, posts get twisted and pressed on in unusual ways, and over time, little bits of damage become big problems. Save yourself the trouble, and put them on the nightstand before laying your head down to sleep. Your earlobes will thank you as well!

Why don´t my earrings sparkle any more?

Sparkling Earrings

The cause is probably dirt trapped behind the stones. Earrings are very susceptible to excess skin oils, styling product build up, and the like due to their location on the body. To restore sparkle, soak your earrings in liquid jewelry cleaner to loosen grime both on the surface of the gems, and behind the stones - where dirt accumulates in the setting. After a good long soak use the soft brush supplied with the cleaner and not only scrub the surface of the gems, but poke the bristles down into the setting behind the gems. You won't believe the difference!

What are the marks on my finger?

Black and Green Marks

Most yellow gold alloys are rich in copper, a metal that often reacts with the acid content of your skin. The reaction leaves a dingy oxide behind, and does not help show off that beautiful ring. Often simply adjusting your diet to reduce the amount of acidic fruits or coffee will help, but sometimes further measures are needed. Your jeweler can put a rhodium plating on the inside of your ring to reduce contact with the copper in the gold, or for a quick fix, try clear nail polish on the inside of the ring shank.

How can I fix dents in jewelry?

Dented Jewelry!?!

Don't fret, instead take a quick trip to your local jeweler. Chances are, that piece is not beyond repair. Some dents can be pushed out in a matter of minutes, requiring only very minor repair.

What can I buy for an elegant indulgence?

Elegant Indulgence

To acheive a top notch, ultra glamorous look, drape layers of pearls around your neck. Multiple lengths, even different sizes and colors of pearls look great together - and the more the merrier! Quick hint: freshwater pearls are much less expensive than saltwater cultured pearls and are a *great* way to quickly add to your pearl collection!

What if I can´t get my ring off?

Can't Get My Ring Off!!!

Common causes of this are swollen fingers from injury, pregnancy, or having never taken a ring off in many years. The solution sounds scary, but isn't. Go to your jeweler and have them cut the ring off. There are special tools made for this that cause minimal damage to the ring, and can be repaired with a simple solder. It is painless and generally is done for free. *It might also be a good time to get your ring sized up a bit!

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