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How can I care for pearls?

Caring for Pearls

When wearing pearls, avoid perfumes or any other alcohol or oil based products on your body that may touch them. Pearls come from the sea, and therefore do not like to be dehydrated! A quick spritz of perfume or hairspray can take the finest of pearls, and over time,turn them into dry, dull beads. Hairspray and other styling products should be applied before putting on any pearl jewelry as they will leave a dulling film on the surface of your pearls. Perfume and hand lotions should not be applied anywhere pearls may touch. Instead, perhaps dab a little perfume behind your ears, or on your clothing, but never on your neck when wearing pearls. The alcohol in the perfume will leech out any moisture in your precious jewels from the sea. Treat them gently and they will last you a lifetime.

How can I test pearls and care for them?

Pearl Test

One very simple way of finding out if they're real is putting them against your teeth, rubbing them along the teeth gently. If the pearls feel "sandy" or gritty and hard like sand, they are real. If they feel smooth or slippery and somewhat soft, they are simulated.

What is important when purchasing pearls?

Choosing Pearls

When purchasing pearls, overall look is very important. Step back, look at the entire strand, and decide for yourself if they are matched for colour, even in shape, consistent in lustre and sheen from each pearl to the next, and have a very consistent appearance. Next, take the strand and place them on a flat surface - preferably dark in colour - and gently roll them like a noodle, back and forth. Take note of the sheen in the surface of the pearl. Do they roll evenly and are very clearly round? Or do the pearls have a somewhat oval or bumpy shape? The rounder the pearl, the better, and more valuable. Do the pearls have good luster? Does the pearly surface look richly pearlescent, or does it have a "thin" look to it? A thick pearl coating is always preferred, and valued. Take the pearls and hold them up with the light behind them. Do they look solid, or can you sort of see through parts of them? The more "solid" they look, the better. And finally, trust your sense of touch. If they feel glossy, have a good weight, and feel and look wonderful on, go with your instincts!

How should I store my pearls?

Storing Pearls

Pearls should always be stored in a fashion that keeps them from rubbing against each other. This can be acheived by hanging them on individual hooks in a jewelry box, or laying them on a soft cloth, and rolling them up in that cloth before storage.

How should I clean and care for pearls?

Cleaning and Caring for Pearls

To care for your pearls, keep them in a soft fabric or suede pouch. Try to avoid dropping them, or other traumatic stresses. To clean them, rinse your pearls in water then dab a small amount of mild soap on the palm of your hand. Lather, then apply gently to pearls, massaging them between your hands to cleanse. If they are very dirty, a very soft toothbrush, and gentle scrubbing may remove stubborn residue. Rinse very well with cool water and lay on a soft towel to dry. This will also keep the silk that the pearls are strung on tight and white!

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