What Determines Fire & Brilliance Of A Diamond

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Does Light Reflection & Well Cut Diamond Determine Fire & Brilliance?

What Determines Fire & Brilliance Of A Diamond

The fire & brilliance in a diamond is determined by the way the light reflects inside the diamond depending on the cut. The most fire & brilliance comes from a well cut diamond. In a well cut diamond which is referred to as ideal, excellent, or very good, the light enters in at the top and forms sort of a "U" shape and then exits back out at the top. With a diamond that has a deep cut, the light enters from the top and forms sort of an "L" shape as it exits out the side. The light reflection of a shallow cut enters from the top and curves slightly back out at the bottom of the diamond. To get a more visual picture of how it looks please go to http://www.annharringtonjewelry.com in the diamond education section.



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