Uses of Malachite

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What other uses does malachite have?

Uses of Malachite

Did you know:

As early as 3000 BC, malachite was recovered from the copper mines of Egypt and Israel. Besides being used for jewelry, magic charms and ornaments, it was ground into a powder and worn as eye makeup. The same powdered pigment is used by painters under the name of mountain green.



8/11/2006 6:51:22 AM
Fayza said:

I want to know how malachite is use in synthetic turqouise with the aluminium hydroxide and what the condition that need

10/9/2006 11:46:51 AM
delila said:

it is helpfull for science projects

11/2/2006 7:12:10 PM
jake theodor said:

Nice website. I used it for school project.

11/2/2006 7:13:43 PM
jake theodor said:

Nice website. I used it for school project. Keep making more sites.

4/17/2007 2:15:32 PM
hannah said:

used 4 school project

9/24/2007 3:35:09 AM
danny smith said:

this site is awsum for my science project to do with synthetic malicite what are the uses???

12/21/2008 6:18:39 AM
jake theodor said:

this site is grandfricken tastic


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